Enterprise Ireland - Export Advice column: We could turn Brexit to our advantage with UK spending plans
Sunday Independent
Marina Donohoe, Enterprise Ireland director for UK & Northern Europe provides her insights in the Sunday Independent. Despite understandable concern over the UK's Brexit vote, our nearest neighbours will remain a natural first market for Irish exporters - due to proximity, shared language and similar business cultures. 
Key information for Irish exporters to the UK
Enterprise Ireland's dedicated UK Export Help webpages have been created to support Irish exporters with up to date insights, expert advice and FAQs to address issues arising from the result of the UK referendum. 
Code Institute secures €500K investment
Business World
EdTech company, Code Institute, delivers intensive, certified “Bootcamp style” education programmes that provide graduates with job-ready coding skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace.
Treasury platform vows to save SMEs a fortune in bank charges
Irish Examiner
A new online platform is set to save the companies it hosts thousands of euro by inviting banks to compete for their day-to-day transactional business. Companies can register on TreasuryDelta.com initially submitting topline financial information, once completed the banks compete for their business.
Irish dairy and med-tech companies raise €3m in funding for new growth
Irish Independent

Tipperary dairy technology firm Oculer has raised €1m from investors via two companies in the British Virgin Islands. The company, a spin-off from Technopath, has developed a system that identifies a specific bacteria in milk and which it's believed could save the Irish dairy industry €200m a year.

Netwatch plans to expand customer base in Britain and US
Irish Examiner

Irish high-tech security company Netwatch Group has secured a €19.5m investment to help fund its international expansion plans. Netwatch uses advanced video processing technologies to monitor and protect its customers’ assets. 

Ireland takes a shot at entering the €5bn space race
Irish Examiner

Global space economy is undergoing rapid change, as more countries enter the 21st century space race,” said ESA director general, Jan Woerner. “Given the high level of technology innovation we have seen in Ireland, Irish space companies are ideally placed to gain a significant share of the global space market and are already expanding rapidly into it,” he said.

Start-up of the week: HUB Controls
Silicon Republic
“In a nutshell, Hub Controls is about giving consumers back control of their bills,” explained Oliver Hynes, founder and CEO, HUB Controls. “We’ve developed the world’s first smart thermostat that allows consumers to monitor their energy consumption and actual spend in real time.
Virtual Assistant Helps With Disability Struggles
E-learning has considerable potential to improve the lives of people with disabilities, which is why Lisa Marie Clinton founded Avail in 2015. The startup is built around an app and web portal that provides step-by-step instructions, using pictures, sounds and text, to guide a person with an intellectual disability through particular activities.
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