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A new brewing company will soon begin production in Dundalk. Speaking to the Irish Times recently, founder Faye Healy said that the Dundalk Bay Brewery Company will be “focusing on contract brewing on behalf of others that do not have the capacity to brew themselves, of which there are many in Ireland and the UK”.

The company's export strategy will “focus on Ireland, with the UK as our primary export target during year one. From then on, we’ll be looking to expand into mainland Europe and the US, where we’re already seeing interest”.

Faye Healy is also a Director of Enterprise Ireland client Spectac International which manufactured, installed and commissioned the brewery for Dundalk Bay Brewery Company last year. She
sees a positive future for the brewing industry in Ireland and the UK: “I think people are increasingly looking for something that is both authentic and different and I don’t see that changing anytime soon”.

The Dundalk Bay Brewing Company will operate alongside Spectac International’s stainless steel manufacturing business at Finnbair Business Park and will employ approximately 40 staff at their HQ in Dundalk.

Spectac International is the only manufacturer in Ireland to design, manufacture, install and commission breweries and distilleries in Ireland. Recent projects include the Alltech Distillery in St. James Street and Teelings Whiskey Distillery in Newmarket Square, Dublin.

The company also manufactured a 25HL Brewery in 2015 for the McGargles beer brand, Rye River Brewing company, making it the first commercial brewery in over 100 years in Kilcock, Co. Kildare.

Spectac was established by Tony Healy in 1986 and started with just one employee. Since then the business has grown from a small workshop to an impressive 44,000 sq ft. facility in Dundalk. The business has grown considerably in terms of workforce also and employs design engineers, manufacturing/mechanical engineers and electrical engineers at their offices. Spectac International’s markets are all over Ireland and the UK with plans to expand into Europe and the US.

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