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Irish tech start-up picked from 400 companies as a Global ‘Healthcare Transformer'
Chris Rooney (Co-Founder and Head of Sales) and Liam Ryan (Co-Founder and CEO).

Dublin-based health technology start-up, GetHealth has been announced as one of 10 international companies picked as a ‘healthcare transformer’ by New York-based program, StartUp Health Academy. Each transformer chosen will participate in a 3 year program run by Start-Up Health.

GetHealth Limited, started in 2011 by two undergraduate students, developed a mobile app which makes getting healthy simple and fun for users. The app enables users to check-in and earn points for their daily health achievements, such as eating their 5 fruit and vegetables or doing 30 minutes of exercise. The app also allows users to connect with other like-minded individuals so that they can support and motivate one another in achieving their health goals.

The StartUp Health Academy represents a significant opportunity for a company such as GetHealth. The Academy bases itself on a simple premise: the best way to improve healthcare in America is to provide health and wellness entrepreneurs with inspiration, education, and access to customers, capital, and other critical resources. With this support, start-ups can innovate more quickly and build new solutions that will improve care and reduce out of control healthcare costs.

CEO of GetHealth, Liam Ryan said on this most recent success: "When we started GetHealth we could see that healthcare, particularly in the US, was starting to change focus away from reactive initiatives towards more preventative programs. Here we saw the opportunity to leverage the growth in mobile technology to provide an app which makes health simple and fun, and ultimately help people improve their lifestyle. In GE and StartUp Health Academy we are delighted to have found partners who understand our vision and want to work with us to help realize it".

About GetHealth
GetHealth is a mobile and online platform which helps people improve their health through social interaction and gameplay with their family and friends! Their beta users describe them as the “Foursquare for Health”, allowing people to check-in to the healthy tasks they do each day, earn points, and motivate their friends to a healthier lifestyle.

About Start-Up Health 
Start-up Health is a new model for helping innovation succeed in the health sector. Part community, part Academy, and 1,000% passion, they provide health and wellness innovators with a structured curriculum designed to help navigate the unique challenges of building a sustainable growth business. StartUp Health was founded in 2011 by health tech entrepreneurs Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes and is Chaired by former Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin.

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